Delicate sound of Thunder

So I believe I mentioned that I saw Tropic Thunder over the weekend.  I don’t feel like writing up a long, drawn-out review, so consider this a ‘mini’ review.  If you care to read a proper review, check out the one at Pajiba…I pretty much agree with it 100%.

In short, I really, really liked it but I didn’t love it.  It was very, very good but it wasn’t great like I was hoping it would be.  It’s probably better than 95% of the other movies released this year.

Robert Downey Jr. pwned…again.  As to the “debate” of whether his character is based on Russell Crowe or not, WTF cares?  If he is, it is a delightful homage, a compliment of the highest order.  I’m one of the world’s biggest Russell bitches, and I saw nothing to get pissy over.

Jack Black and his character were useless and added nothing whatsoever to the movie.

Ben Stiller was…meh…ok.  As the Pajiba review rightly points out, most of the characters in TT work because the actors playing them are playing satirized versions of themselves:  RDJ as the “serious actor”, Nolte as the out-of-it tough guy, even Tom Cruise plays brilliantly with his rep as a manic, crazy-eyed control freak.  But then there’s Ben Stiller trying to play “the big action star.”  It just never feels right.  If they had gotten a legit action star with a knack for comedy to play Stiller’s part, it would have elevated TT so much.  I’m thinking either The Rock or even Bruce Willis should have been the go-to guys for this.

And yes, I did just compliment Tom Cruise up there.  So help me Xenu, that crazy bastard may just have saved his career with his cameo in Tropic Thunder.  You actually like him in this movie!  (Not the character, but the performance.  Every time he appears, it brings the movie to a new level of funny.  Sick, I know.  And I say this as someone who has LOATHED the  Cruise for decades before it was fashionable to do so.)

I’d also say that it helps to be really familiar with Apocalypse Now and many other Vietnam war flicks before seeing TT, or half of the subtle little things will fly right over your head faster than Col. Kilgore in a Huey.

Anyway, even though I truly enjoyed TT, I can’t recommend that you go to see it in theaters.  Wait for DVD.  It’s not TT‘s fault; it’s the trailers that you’re subjected to before it!!  O.M.G.  WORST, most PAINFUL crop of trailers that I have EVER had to suffer through in my entire movie-going career.  I seriously almost walked out of the theater before TT even started, it was that bad.  This fall and winter look bloody grim, lemme tell ya.  So save yoruself the pain and either walk in really late, or watch Tropic Thunder at home…you’ll thank me for it.

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