Beautiful Freak

Isn’t it rich?  Isn’t it rare?
Me by myself on the ground, you in mid-air.
Send in the clowns, there ought to be clowns…

Don’t bother, they’re here!

So, anyway.  Back to the Bat-babble, All-Joker Edition.

•   It was very strange knowing that this was ‘Heath’s Last Role’ when it really didn’t seem like Heath was even IN the movie.  It was just Joker.

•    Which is why at the one scene where you glimpse J without makeup for a fleeting second, I jumped out of my skin the first time I saw it.   All of a sudden it was, “Ohmygod, there’s Heath!”…and Bam, he was gone…it was like seeing a ghost.

•   The Voice.  OMG, I loved Joker’s voice!  I loved how it ranged all over the map.  It’s hard enough to master one fake voice, but one fake voice that has SO many variations….that’s Oldman-esque!  Especially that one section when he’s torturing the guy on video and yells, “LOOK AT ME!” and sounds like Satan incarnate.  Jeebus.  And Heath’s real voice was so far removed from any of it.

•   I loved the shoes.  I loved the socks.  Where can I get socks like that?

•   I can’t be the only person who was nodding along and fist-pumping in agreement at all of J’s little soliloquies on the nature of mankind.  “Ahead of the curve” indeed.  Preach it, J-baby!

•   Our Mr. J is quite the bundle of contradictions, though, isn’t he?  On the one hand, he lectures Two-Face on the futility of making plans.  But then throughout the movie he carries out plans that would require a damn-near genius/omniscient level of intelligence and forethought.  Hmmm.

•  Where does Mr. J get all of his hench-flunkies?  How does he find them?  How do they find him?  So many questions.

•   Remember, you can’t have “slaughter” without “laughter”!  :)

•   I can’t believe it, but I actually liked Harry Knowles review of TDK.  In it, he says that Heath’s Joker has entered the Valhalla of screen villains alongside of Cagney in White Heat, Mitchum in Cape Fear, etc.  And he’s right.  It makes me cry tears of pride…our lil Heath ranked up there with the Immortals…with freakin’ Mitchum…*sniffle* That’s a beautiful thought, but sad too.

•   Was a little disappointing the way TDK ended with no closure to the Joker story.  Just a throwaway line about, “He was transported to Arkham this morning” or something would have sufficed.  But otherwise I loved the last shots of him twirling there in mid-air, laughing.  He’d been physically captured, but you knew that in his mind he was free.  There was a twisted beauty to those scenes.

•  Check out this fansite: It’s run by some artist chicks, so you MUST go look at the Fanart section.  Most of the art is by them and it is SO beautiful!

•   You probably won’t believe this, but I actually hate Batman.  What I like is the Gotham universe, the stories, the other characters…but the big B himself….I can’t stand the dude.  What a self-righteous asshat.  Which is why I practically slept all through Batman Begins, because it was a Batman movie that was exclusively about Batman, and that is the kiss of death.  He’s SUCH a boring twat!  Anyway, at the end of that movie I turned to BW and said, “Well I’m glad all that’s out of the way.  Now the sequel can be good because it will have a villain in it and won’t be just about Batman.”

GodDANG, was I ever right.   And now, because I’m that way inclined, I’m completely obsessed.  Why did they bother wasting time on Batman…I want an all-Joker movie!  :)   I want to see his hideout, I wanna watch him collect flunkies, I want to know…did he sew his outfit himself or hire somebody to do it?  How did he buy all that ammo?  What kind of computer does he have?  (I bet he picked up his flunkies on MySpace!!)  Does he ever sleep?  I want to know what kind of cereal he eats for breakfast and what kind of liquor he drinks at night.

And now we’ll never know.  Gahhh! It makes my head hurt.

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