Holy domestic, Batman!

OMG, did you guys hear the news about Christian Bale?

Batman actor Christian Bale released after assault allegation arrest

Batman actor Christian Bale has been released on police bail after being questioned for four hours over allegations of assaulting his mother and his sister at a London hotel.

Sources said that Bale was accused of lashing out at his family members – pushing one of them – in an argument over a long-running family dispute.

Bale was arrested when he attended Belgravia police station in London today after his mother and sister had reported him to police.

He left the back of the station in a blacked out silver Mercedes people carrier and sped past the awaiting paparazzi and heavy security.

Bale gave a statement to detectives of his version of events in what was described by police sources as an allegation of a “minor” common assault.

The 34-year-old was bailed until September and will be allowed to fly back to his home in America.

Sheesh.  I’m not a Xtian-Worshipper, so I’m not despondent over this news, but I am surprised.  He’s always come across as one of the sanest guys in H-wood.  Still, I’m not ready to condemn him; I have a feeling that poor Christian is just afflicted with the curse of unstable and/or highly melodramatic relatives.  Looking forward to learning the real dirt!

(But on a purely selfish level, I’m glad that this incident will maybe give the press somebody besides Russell to pick on.  My man Russ may slug the paps and service industry workers, but nobody’s ever accused him of putting the smack down on his own mom!  :)   )


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