And here…we…Go!

I’m guessing that you all expect some big long-winded review of TDK out of me.  Well, I really don’t think that I can do it.  There is TOO much to talk about; the post would be so long that not a one of ya’d read it; I could literally talk about that movie all week.  I wouldn’t even know where to start or how to organize my thoughts.

So I’m not going to try.  Instead I’m just gonna give you my thoughts as random bullet points.  Christ, even that may take all week.

•    The biggest joke of them all is that the great slack-jawed American movie-going public has been tricked into going out in droves to see a dark, complex, multi-layered, grim, unhappy, intelligent, challenging movie that delves into big themes and adult issues in the guise of a big actionfest summer blockbuster. HAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!  I love it!

•    Things wrong with the movie:  1.  B-man’s cowl/hood looked like crap.  2. Bale’s “batvoice” was ridiculous…c’mon, that’s supposed to scare people?  Sounds like John Black from Days of Our Lives!  3.  Still too much emphasis on gadgets…that cell phone sonar gimmick was weak.

•    I wish I could join the swooning throngs who see Christian Bale’s hotness.  I keep trying, but I just….can’t …see it.  Dangit.

•   I went into this afraid that the Harvey Dent/2 Face story was going to suck and detract from the Joker story. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Wow.  Dent’s story arc was SO beautifully handled, so tragic, it was really genuinely moving.  Aaron Eckhart was phenomenal.  I believe in Harvey Dent.  :(

•   I don’t want to spoil too much but at one showing we attended, there was a scene where Gary Oldman appeared and the crowd cheeredCHEERED.  For motherfuckin’ Gary Oldman.  Tears.  It brought tears to my fuckin’ eyes, I tell you!

•  There were SO many interesting things going on in TDK, but one that I really dig was the nice use of parallelism and duality.  (No really, I’m not making this up!)  Not just Batman/Bruce Wayne, but also the relationships between Batman/Harvey Dent and of course Batman/Joker were explored as different sides of the same coin, different solutions to the same problem, etc.

I particularly liked the way the film set up Mr. J as basically the Anti-Batman.  This was done in a LOT of ways, but the most subtle was in their use of technology.  I’ll preface by saying that my least favorite thing about Batman is his over-reliance on expensive gadgets.  I HATE sitting through all the  “reveal the latest bat-toy” scenes in every Bat-film.  Such wankery.  So it was with sheer glee that I watched Joker go about bringing all of Gotham City to its knees by using cheap, do-it-yourself methods.  Barrels of gas.  Dynamite.  An egg timer.  Little bits of string and duct-tape.  A true DIY/punk aesthetic.  And Batman, with all of his store-bought, high-tech, big-budget, corporate-funded crap….was powerless to stop it. BWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!  :)   As if we needed another reason to root for the J.

•   Speaking of Mr. J and Heath, I’ll probably just give them their own day’s worth of babbling thoughts.  Maybe tomorrow.

•  Really liked the soundtrack, am considering buying it.

•   Did I mention how complicated TDK is?  It’s practically a requirement to see it more than once in order to follow/digest everything that is going on.  This is one plot-heavy movie.

•   Though Heath was the showstopper, this was truly an ensemble piece.  Caine, Oldman, Freeman, Eckhart, Bale…heck, even Maggie G.  They all brought so much to the table; not one below-great performance in the movie.

•  I really liked this review from AICN.

More to come later…same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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  1. Loup Says:

    I agree the voice was a little much.

    The only issue I have is I wish Katie Holmes would have returned as Rachel Dawes – I would have enjoyed her demise much more than Maggie’s.

    = )

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