Quickie update

FiL is still in the ICU.  Over the weekend, it looked like he was doing much better — his lungs are mainly clear from fluid and they woke him up from sedation and took him off of the respirator.  Sunday they decided that he still isn’t breathing well enough on his own, so they put him back on the respirator.  I guess these setbacks are normal with pneumonia patients, according to the nurse.  Apparently he has enough lung power to breathe in, but his lungs aren’t working well enough yet to do a good enough job of breathing out all the CO2 they should.

This week their plan is to do a tracheotomy tube. *shudder* I guess after that’s in then he won’t have to be sedated all the time, which is good I suppose.

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  1. Loup Says:

    Trach tubes used to freak me out — but I have met a couple of people with them and it is much better than being doped up and on a machine.

    Sending fuzzy thoughts your way.

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