Praise the lord and pass the Xanax!

OMG what a crazy weekend! First off, BW’s father is still in the hospital. His kidney and everything else is mostly ok, but he just cannot seem to shake the pneumonia. They have him hooked up to oxygen, and he still has fluid in his lungs. They are beginning to wonder if maybe he had an undetected, underlying lung problem that is making it worse. Remains to be seen, but BW has been running back and forth from his office to the hospital like 3 times per day every day.

Friday was Cousin R’s 21st b-day (yay!), and we had planned to treat her to a nice weekend long before all this crap happened. So Friday night BW took her and Fiance M to a Pirates game (that went on for 12 bloody innings!!) Then Saturday we went shopping so for some wedding makeup and accessories for her. We picked up some luvely MAC stuff, would have been more fun except we encountered blocked off roads and traffic everywhere! Took forever to get anywhere, and was like dodging a minefield. Hectic! Then BW had to do hospital duties afterward.

Sunday was Cousin R’s bridal shower, so we trekked all the way up to Hell Town, PA for that…which was nice…but being a Family Event there was inevitably Drama that resulted because of some miscommunication between me and Other People and that rather put a damper on things and I’m very sorry for that. (This is why I so rarely stick my head out of my hermit hole to deal with family and people; I run too much risk of having it shot off. Screw that. The cost/benefit analysis ratio just isn’t worth my effort.)

Anyway, then it was hurry back here to check up on things at hospital again.

Now tonight we have tickets to see Peter Murphy, and I really no longer want to go. Anybody out there in PGH who’d like to buy some 4th row Murph tickets, email me please. Yup, I’m so frazzled I’m willing to skip out on 4th row seats for Peter Murphy. I just don’t want to leave my house at this point.

3 Responses to “Praise the lord and pass the Xanax!”

  1. Loup Says:

    Hope things pick up for you ….cheer up … for about 100 bucks you can become a citizen of the Shetland Island of Forvik.;_ylt=AsTetsnAWm4VQ6smGXerLj.s0NUE

  2. Wendy Says:

    Sending more positive thoughts and energy your way. I hope BW’s father gets well very soon.

  3. Rach Says:

    My bday was Thursday not Friday…I just felt like being a nag and I wanted to give you more “drama”. ;)

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