Sit DOWN, Rivers-hag!

Right now, I’m calling out a bloodhunt on Joan Rivers!  Look what she said about mah man Russell on British tv!

Nuh-huh, bitch!  You do NOT talk smack about Rusty like that, I will take you out!  *snap* I’d say, “I will cut you”, but damn I couldn’t mess your scary-ass face up any more than your second-rate plastic surgeon already did!

Russell wasn’t “nice” to her?  If I was on a red carpet, and bitch got up in my face, I wouldn’t be nice to her either.  I’m thinking Russell wasn’t “nice” because he doesn’t like being bugged by a no-talent parasite who has to make her living  by basically harassing and being mean to people who DO have legit fame.  Ya think?  And who gets to make fun of other peoples’ looks when meanwhile her face looks like it came out the wrong side of a meat grinder!

I see Joan’s going to be in PGH this weekend with her so-called comedy tour.  Time to bust out the brass knuckles and switchblades, there’s gonna be a rumble!

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