Back from glorious Toronto. With the messed-up exchange rates, it seems SO much more expensive now, but still totally worth it. Still wanna move up asap.

Anyway, our trip was pretty great. Only bad thing was that on Wed. night before we left, I jacked up my ankle. Sat with ice on it during the car trip Thursday and had to hobble around Thursday night. But then it got mostly better and walking was ok.

This time around, we decided to try to visit some parts of town we’d never been to before. So we hit Kensington Gardens (very odd hippie/Hispanic haven), Little Italy, The Annex, and the further western reaches of Queen Street. All are on the western side of town, which seems to be the realm of hipsters. We visited the world’s best antique store (seriously I cried to leave it!) and the world’s swankiest tattoo shop (I did not get a tat…forgot to bring my idea packet..and besides, I felt unworthy to get inked there…place was like the Bergdorf’s of tats!) We ate at a delicious authentic taqueria, and foundthat most rare of all things…a used book store that actually had stuff that I WANTED!

We also visited some of the beautiful waterfront parks for the first time. Purty!

The Book Expo that I went to was quite a trip.  The all-day conference I sat through on Friday was pretty useless, as things generally are.  But the big trade show expo part on Sunday was awesome, if overwhelming.  I’d never been to one of these before so I was unsure of the proceedures…but basically it was a giant exhibit hall with umpteen-hundred publishers booths set up to display their wares, upcoming titles, authors they were trying to promote, and so forth.  There were author signings and advance copy/proofs of books being given away right and left.  I came home with two bags of free books, and I was being choosy!  But you should have seen the rest of those cheap-ass librarians and bookstore employees shoveling armloads of free books into their tote bags without even looking at the stuff!  Bitches were taking anything that wasn’t nailed down!  There I would be, trying to just look at a copy to ascertain whether it was a book that I’d even want, free or not, and the vultures would just snatch them right out from under my hands!  Good lawd.  Mass chaos.  But I want to go again.  :)

Anyway, most of the free books that I got aren’t things things I’m interested in.  But I at least got a bunch of stuff to give away…picked up something for Loup, some teen-tween fiction for my nieces, some cheesy crime thrillers for BW, and of course innumerable free pens and tote bags.  Overall, it was fun.  Next time I’ll skip the educational portion of the show and just cut right to the freebie expo.

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  1. Marci Says:

    It wouldn’t be a conference without the swag hags.

    I’ve never been to Toronto but Montreal was pretty cool. Unfortunately, my traveling companion was kind of a drag. If I ever have an excuse to get back up that way…after the dollar normalizes…I’d love to check it out again.

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