Fight the Suck!

Or maybe I should file this under “Now That’s Bad Eatin’!” Some of you may know of my undying hatred for PF Chang’s. The smugness; “Now, this is soy sauce, and I’m going to be mixing it with this chinese mustard to make a custom sauce just for you!” Oh, quelle exotic! *eye roll* Goodness knows you must be in a really authentic place if they have such a rare ingredient as soy sauce! The patronizing attitude about “spicy” food; “Oh wow, you guys are ordering all the spicy stuff! Wow! You guys must be really brave!” Bitch, please. Food at PF’s is about as spicy as a McSausageBiscuitwithEgg. And just as banal.

Anyway, uh, I have issues with them. But I recently stumbled across this excellent essay from a like-minded person, and had to share it with you all. Dude says it better than I could.

2 Responses to “Fight the Suck!”

  1. Loup Says:

    We tried PF Changs while in Suxington … and it was so sad. All of those people waiting in line for less than mediocre food. They didn’t even have GINGER!! WTF.

  2. babs Says:

    Yes, I agree with more of your claims. Yes, the soy sauce makers drive me crazy since I’ve never used their new spicy sauce. However, I live in PHX where finding good chinese food is less than easy. So, yes, am slumming at Chang’s, but it gets me through the night and it’s open past 10 p.m. which believe me is a draw here.

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