As of yesterday afternoon, BW is away in Provo, UT for some sort of Linux cluster-fuck training seminar. I considered going because we’ve always wanted to see some of the sights in Utah, but we found out that everything we’d want to see would be way too far away from Provo for us to head out and back on day trips. Western states are much too big!

So I’m “home alone.” But I decided to make some lemonade out of those lemons! I requested the week off from work, so now I’ll have no “work” work, and with BW away I’ll have no housework…in other words, I can do whatthehellever I want for the next 4.5 days! W00t! I’m gonna sit on my ass and read and watch Star Trek and Joan Crawford movies! This break comes at a great time, too because next week is another Hell Week at my job.

Anyway, if you don’t see me around the interweb this week, it’s because I’m too busy vacationing. But I’m home so if anybody wants to say ‘hey’, call or email. Now I hear season 8 of DALLAS calling me….cya.

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