Are we there yet?

• Well that sucked. But at least my work-week from Hell is done. I’ve invoiced all the hundreds of ‘tards that I needed to invoice, and only had one or two bounce back to me because the contact person retired or quit and no one thought to tell me. (Usually, I get like a dozen of those.) Now I just have to worry that they haven’t all fallen into Black Holes of Incompetence, and won’t ever get paid. I still have a lot of work upcoming, but the light at the end of the tunnel is gleaming.

• Meanwhile,

Humorous Pictures

this weekend, BW and I went out to test-drive Car Choice #3, the Acura RDX.

This is a really nice car. As I predicted, it hit the right demographic buttons for me (unlike the Land Rover.) It had a distinctly high-end feel, but without being either intimidating or bordering foofy (unlike the Land Rover.) The seats were super-comfy. I like the vaguely sinister looks of the Acura front end, and the fact that the Acura logo there on the steering wheel looks so much like the Starfleet logo does all sorts of good things to my subconscious mind. :)

Also, it was very techy. The instrument panel has a very sweet-looking techno blue glow that makes me want to listen to Gary Numan or Kraftwerk. (This is a Good Thing.)

It had a built-in Zagat restaurant-finder that seems like it would be fun to play wit on long trips. But it may have been a little too techy. It had umpteen buttons for shifting gears, controlling the audio, controlling the phone, and E knows what all else grafted onto the steering wheel. BW bumped some of them while driving, which was his chief complaint about the car. I suppose one would get used to that with time, though. Otherwise, he said it handled very nicely, though not as nice as the Mini Cooper. I felt ok in the drivers seat, but the whole car was a bit too long for my comfort zone. (But then, I feel uncomfortable driving anything bigger than a Smart Car.)

You can see other pics of RDXes at this random dude’s page, here.

Pros: See above. And we still retain ample IKEA space.

Cons: It gets ‘meh’ gas mileage. Not horrid, just not good. And in These Economic Times, sadly, that is an issue. Also, its tires are needlessly big (18″), another big upkeep expense. Then, the Soul issue. This is a nice car, but other than the Star Trek thing, it has no emotional or visual resonance.

Still, overall, it’s a contendah. In my personal ranking, it comes in second after the Mini Cooper Clubman. The Land Rover is no longer in the running. Only thing left to look at is the VW Jetta Sportwagen. To be continued….

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