“They killed my son over a dog!”


This story has been the talk of PGH the past two days.  Basically some fuckup, while surrounded by cops, decided to take shots at a police dog.  He killed the dog and the cops killed him.  You start shooting at anything in front of cops, WTF do you expect to happen?

Anyway so of course his grieving fuckup family has been all over the media, wailing the quote above, rending garments, gnashing teeth, and issuing the usual statements about what a “good boy” their son was and how he’d “never” bring guns around.  Yeah, well, the dog didn’t kill itself, did it?

So listen lady.  Yes, they absolutely killed your son over a dog.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

1.  Anyone who shoots a dog deserves to be shot in return. Period.

2.  This was a police dog.  That means it was helping people and doing something valuable with its life, which is probably more than we can say for your son.

3.  The dog had likely completed far more education than your son.

So deal.  Hell, I’m an Anarcho-Socialist and am the first one to call out authority figures and uniformed psychos on their brutality, but I’m 100% behind the cops on this one.

2 Responses to ““They killed my son over a dog!””

  1. chel Says:

    LOVE #1. Embroider it on a sampler and put it on my wall.

    Also love 2 & 3. Great post!

  2. Marci Says:

    Yeah – this “good boy” just happened to be packing a stolen .357. GMAFB.

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