Help us, Robert Downey Jr. You’re our only hope..

Saw Iron Man last night. I think a lot of movie reviewers out there need to take some Xanax and settle down; it was good but it wasn’t THAT good.

But it was a hell of a lot better than I ever expected it to be, and more important, it has performed zillions of times better than I ever thought it would. I mean, we’re talking Iron Man here….he’s at best a second-stringer in the Marvel comics line-up…he has no name recognition, he never had his own 70s/80s cartoon show…who besides comic geeks give two shits about Iron Man? Nobody, until now. I’d almost like to take an exit poll and ask people why they went to see it. A lot of it must be that 2008 has so far been one festering bowl of pus, movie-wise. We’re all starved for anything that looks like it has even a small chance of not sucking. I know that’s why I went to Iron Man.

Is there also some vast, previously untapped well of love for RDJ out there that no one knew about? That’s the other reason I went to Iron Man.

Which is why this isn’t really a movie review because ultimately it doesn’t matter if Iron Man was really great or not, what matters is that RDJ is now the mega-star he deserves to be. Finally, someone we can put faith in to help stem back the looming Man Void we discussed last week. RDJ is smart, he can act rings around practically anyone, he has that rarest quality of being boyish without being a boy, and now he’s proven that he can be a name-before-the-title Star. He can’t fill the void all by himself, but at least he’s a start.

Though I have to admit I am deeply unsettled by the trend this year of starring Real Actors in comic book/popcorn movies. Why am I seeing gents of the caliber of RDJ, Bale, Eddie Norton, and my saints Gary Oldman and Tim Roth in trailers for the kind of silly summer smash-em-up fests that used to be the domain of ‘action stars’ like Ahnold and Stallone while the Real Actors were saved for Real Movies?? WTF is going on? What does it mean for the future of Hollywood? Does it mean that comics movies are now considered “prestigious” pictures? If so, then what the hell will happen to the real quality films? They will completely cease to exist, I guess. Or is it a good trend? If mass audiences learn to love Edward Norton in Big Summer Crap, will they then follow him to the next Real Movie he makes? I don’t know. There is much to ponder over. But as a pessimist I’ve a gut feeling that no good will come of this trend in the long run.

Pointless rambling over and out!

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  1. crispian Says:

    Iron-man ..a good thinks youve been eating to much moms apple pie…have you forgotton mainstream movie companies dont make good movies any more.

    p.s. i love you.

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