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And the Best of the Rest

Friday, November 18th, 2011

of the Seattle trip pictures are here. I think we barely scratched the tip of the iceberg in seeing Seattle, but that said, I agree with Jil…it was a little underwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong:  I compare every place with PGH, and compared with PGH, Seattle is a whole other universe in terms of […]

A Sort of Homecoming

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

(Very) early tomorrow morning, BW and I are off to Seattle for a week.  BW has the SuperComputing 2011 conference to attend, while I plan to just schlep around.  This is our first trip to the Pacific Northwest, though we’ve talked about it for years. And I have thought about it for decades.  In the […]

White Light’s Gonna Drive Me Outta my Brain

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Last weekend’s project. Take one Shaun White Supply Co. skateboard deck + one Sk8tology Floating Deck Display + one IKEA Jansjö LED clip lamp + a wee bit of black electrical tape = World’s Raddest Nightlight! It’s a little less elegant of a solution than I’d envisioned.  I’d wanted to find a display light that […]

Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Rowr!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

*sigh* Still over one month to go until the remake of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy hits theaters. *sigh* If you need to be reminded why that’s depressing:  1. Gary Oldman’s name is above the title on this one!  2.  From the director of Let The Right One In  3.  Gary “The Alec Guinness of his […]

Kitty Treat

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

We caught Puss In Boots (in Imax 3D) over the weekend, and I’m giving it my hearty endorsement.  I hated the Shrek movies, but I loved the Puss in Boots character, and it was getting very good reviews so we gave it a shot.  I can’t remember the last time that I saw an animated […]