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Will Pontificate for Food

Friday, January 30th, 2004

On Wed. night, Boy Wonder and I watched a documentary called Schlock: A Secret History of American Film. It was all about the history of exploitation movies; they interviewed Roger Corman, Vampira, and the other usual suspects, along with a bunch of film historians. It was an entertaining little piece, but not terribly educational. It […]

Zero Grams of Intelligence

Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Ok, I thought I said all I had to say about the low-carb insanity gripping our nation, but I had to share this prime example of just how stupid it gets. I’m at the dentist this morning, and as the hygenist goes out to develop my x-rays, I’m sitting there in the chair listening to […]

Tune Up Yer Tivos, Mothertruckers!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Whooo! Don’t forget, Sebastian Bach will be making another guest appearance on The Gilmore Girls tonight at 8:00 on The WB. Baz plays a sandwich shop owner named Gil who (quelle suprise) also happens to be a rocker. Last time he was on, he auditioned to be in a band with some of the local […]

You’ll Have My Bread When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Fingers

Monday, January 26th, 2004

Ok, this Atkins Diet nonsense used to just be annoying, but now it’s getting scary. It’s always been the only diet I know of where the followers would proselytize at you and damn you to hell for being an unbeliever, so it’s always had the characteristics of a mentally disturbed religious cult. Nowadays though, I’m […]

Man In Black Attack

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I just got my copy of the Johnny Cash Unearthed boxed set, and it is just amazing. If you didn’t know, Unearthed is a set of outtakes from the recording sessions that produced Johnny’s four awesome ‘American Recordings’ discs. I own all four of the ‘American’ discs, and I always thought […]

Quote For The Day

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

I shamelessly stole this from a newsgroup that I read. It was such a beautiful and accurate statement against breeding, I just had to share: “How can you breed something from your own body and then let it have to live in a fucked up, polluted, overcrowded planet run by cretins and psychos, ruled by […]

Ice, Ice Baby

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

Y’all know that I love, love, love winter, but this ice has got to go! It’s on my driveway, it’s on my front steps, and most of all, it’s all over the sides of my street. And it’s that really treacherous ice, too, the kind that’s covered by a thin film of snow so you […]

Passing Fancies

Monday, January 19th, 2004

They say you’re only as old as you feel; in that case, I’m about twelve years old most of the time. And it’s not just because I still play D&D, either. Time for a shameful confession: at the age of 31, I still get celebrity crush/obsessions. I’m not just talking about seeing a movie or […]

The Definition of Nice

Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Stumbled across a Cary Grant film festival on TCM. I guess it’s the 100th anniversary of Mr. Grant’s birthday, or something. Happy Birthday, Cary! Tonight they’re showing a selection of Cary Grant/Hitchcock movies. Settled on couch with Boy Wonder, soon to enjoy some vanilla schnapps-spiked coffee and homemade choc chip cookies, and got the faux […]

Frappucino, take me away!

Friday, January 16th, 2004

Humor me while I indulge in a little daydreaming-out-loud. So, I’m trying to win this contest from Starbucks. Every time you use your Starbucks card before the end of Feb., you are entered to win…a free 7 day trip to any place in the world where there’s a Starbucks, for you and three friends! Wow. […]

Movie Review: Big Fish

Thursday, January 15th, 2004

This really isn’t much of a movie review, as I don’t really have much to say about “Big Fish.” It left me sort of nonplussed. Which is not to say that it’s a bad film; far from it. Let me state flat-out that “Big Fish” is a very good movie. It’s a nice, funny story, […]

The Universe Needs a Palm Pilot

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

To get itself organized. There really isn’t all that much to do around here in Pittsburgh. So why is it that every time I DO find something that I want to do, it winds up conflicting with something else? Margaret Cho will be in town March 13-14, and of course that’s the same weekend that […]

That Concert Rant

Monday, January 12th, 2004

Human beings shouldn’t be allowed out in public. No really. They should just be shuttled back and forth between their jobs and their homes and not be let loose anywhere else. The world would be a much nicer place. They especially should not be allowed to attend concerts. WTF is it with humans at concerts?

Moondust Will Cover You

Friday, January 9th, 2004

Here’s the rundown of the Bowie trip, in my usual long-winded style. First, the boring bits. We got into Cleveland at about 4:30, and got lost trying to figure out where to park at our otherwise nice hotel. Then we froze our asses off walking a few blocks to dinner. Dinner rocked, though. We went […]


Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Well, today is the big day that we roadtrip over to Cleveland, OH to see David Bowie. tells me that Cleveland is currently under a Severe Weather Windchill Advisory. The forecast for 6pm tonight is 14 degrees with 20mph winds and a windchill of 4. I bet we keel over from hypothermia half way […]

There’s Never a Fed Around When You Need One

Monday, January 5th, 2004

Lately for some reason I’ve had this nostalgic urge to watch The X-Files, so I rented a few DVDs from Netflix. Now, I never watched the show that religiously when it was on, though I had my share of favorites, theories, and opinions. (Loved Cancer Man, hated Scully, liked the conspiracy-themed episodes, didn’t like the […]

3 Cheers for Plagarism!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

Ok, I freely admit that I stole this from the blog of my friend Marci, who in turn got it from someone else. Here’s the concept: Pick a favorite band. Answer the questions below using only song titles from your chosen band. I’m indecisive, so I used my two faves, Metallica and Weird Al Yankovic… […]

All’s NOT Quiet on New Year’s Day

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

Or rather New Year’s Eve. My night could best be summed up by the Talking Head’s song Life During Wartime, “The sound of gunfire, off in the distance. I’m getting used to it now.” Yeah, I spent my New Year’s huddled under my blankets listening to gunfire. Friggin GUNFIRE! Not just some lone weirdo firing […]